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If you or someone you care about has been injured in a slip and fall accident in the Los Angeles area, you or your loved one may be entitled to monetary compensation. For a free consultation 24/7 about the particular details of your case, call David Azizi at 800-991-5292. He’s the attorney to choose among all Southern California lawyers for slips and falls! Please don’t delay; needed evidence can disappear quickly after such accidents.

You can join the numerous L.A.-area residents who have chosen David’s superb services. They’ve done so, first, because since 1998 he has proven his expertise in slip and fall cases. Second, because of his 98-percent success rate, they know that David will get his clients the results they deserve. And third, they find him to be honest, upfront and truly sympathetic to his clients’ injuries and hardships.

A Seasoned Slip and Fall Law Firm

David Azizi has handled numerous slip and fall cases over his many years of practicing law. Such extensive experience gives him a highly detailed understanding of how these accidents come about and what evidence must be collected to win a case.


Injury Lawyer David Azizi: What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents

For instance, David knows from experience that the vast majority of slip and fall incidents occur in one of the most common places – grocery stores! Whether it’s a Ralph’s, Vons, Northgate, 99 Ranch, Costco or even Walmart, every store that carries fresh produce has areas where floor moisture can easily accumulate. These stores also often have floral sections, where water dripping from plants can create slick floors.

Of course, these businesses usually sell numerous liquids like milk, juice, soft drinks and alcohol, as well as more viscous liquids like shampoo and laundry detergent. Spills of any of these kinds of materials create potential hazards, as does water tracked in by customers on rainy days – even in Southern California.

It is the legal responsibility of these businesses to prevent slick floors. That means they must carefully inspect their aisles many times a day. They must clean up spills, mop up moisture, fix broken fruit and vegetable sprinklers, pick up fallen produce, put down floor mats for foot traction and set up “Wet Floor” signs. To fail to take these sorts of measures can make a store’s management or ownership guilty of negligence.

In addition to grocery stores, swimming pools are places where slip and fall injuries frequently occur. Sometimes, these accidents come about because owners have been negligent in fixing walkways or drainage systems.

Slip and fall incidents can even happen when there’s no moisture involved. They can result from recently waxed floors, poor lighting, missing stair handrails, missing ramp traction guards, and uneven or cracked walkways, for instance.

Injury Severity and Proof of Liability

As a very successful slip and fall accident lawyer since the late 1990s, David also knows how a slip and fall injury can surprise a victim in its severity. In worst-case scenarios, such an incident can lead to head trauma, brain injury, spinal injury or even death. But even a victim of a moderate accident may not notice pain until later.

That’s why David recommends that slip and fall incidents be reported to the management immediately. If victims wait, thinking they are more or less okay and no worse for the wear, they run the risk of not being able to collect evidence if they later realize they are hurt. Filing a report right away and taking photos of the scene establishes a record.

David also requests security camera video if the location had video cameras present and recording at the time of the injury. The video evidence can show exactly what happened in the accident, as well as the negligence that preceded it. Here, David talks about one recent case:

Trip and Fall Accident Injury Lawyer

Now, you may not have been a victim of negligence in a slip and fall case but rather in a trip and fall case. There are similarities between the two types of accidents, yet they have some differences. Both of these fall under the larger umbrella of premises liability accidents, in which the owner of a property is legally responsible for injuries suffered due to negligence. We discuss trip and fall cases in greater detail on an additional page.

David is just as much an authority on trip and fall cases as he is on slip and fall cases. His expert knowledge of all types of premises liability incidents will enable him to get you the settlement you deserve. But his experience is just one of the reasons numerous Los Angeles residents have hired him as their attorney.

Injury Attorney David Azizi Gets Results

A second reason Southern Californians choose David Azizi over the area’s other lawyers for slip and fall accidents: he has a 98-percent success rate. Settlements can range, on the higher end, into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions. But each person’s case is unique, and each victim should discuss his or her case with David before estimating how much to seek in a lawsuit. David will take into account a variety of factors, including the dollar amounts of medical bills, projected future medical expenses and projected future lost income.

We know that slip and fall injuries are extremely painful and can result in long-term, if not lifelong, negative effects. You can rest assured that David will aggressively pursue every dollar to which you are entitled. Although the monetary compensation cannot take away your pain and suffering, it can at least help to cover the medical expenses incurred when getting necessary, often specialized treatment.

David takes pride in his very high rate of winning settlements for his clients. Yet his effectiveness and experience aren’t the only reasons they look to him for legal help.

David Azizi Is an Honest and Sympathetic Injury Attorney

A third reason residents of L.A. hire David Azizi over other lawyers for slip and fall accidents: he is honest, upfront and sympathetic to what a victim is going through. David does not over-promise in order to get a potential client’s business. He wants clients to know realistically how much compensation they can reasonably expect. And he wants them to know ahead of time what things may come up that are less than pleasant.

Ethics are of such importance in our office that David not only offers a 24/7 free consultation, he also doesn’t charge a client until after he has won a settlement. If somehow he does not win the case, his client does not pay.

David also understands that clients will have questions about their cases, so he gives each client his cell phone number. He values the trust that clients place in him when they choose him as their attorney, and he is committed to being open and accessible.

Though he’s advocated for slip and fall victims since 1998, each client is still for David a real person, going through real pain, and facing real challenges and hardships as a result of someone else’s negligence. And when a child is the injured victim, David also feels it deeply, because he himself is a married father of three young children.

For many years now, David Azizi has been working to get the deserved financial compensation for slip and fall victims of negligence. Residents of Los Angeles not only choose him and his staff because they’re honest and compassionate but also because they get results. And, of course, they retain David as counsel because his experience and expertise are second to none among slip and fall injury lawyers.

We welcome you to call 800-991-5292 now, no matter what time of day or day of the week, for your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Slip and Fall Accidents at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the second busiest airport in the United States behind Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is also the fourth busiest airport in the world. In the first seven months of 2013, LAX saw 38.68 million passengers pass through the gates which is a 4.2% increase compared to the year prior. Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) owns and operates the airport. With this many people efficiently getting on and off airplanes there is a chance that some of them will trip or slip and fall if a vendor is negligent in their duties to create a safe environment.

Airport Injuries

Anyone that has been to a major airport in the last decade knows that people are moving at a very brisk pace. They are trying to get to their terminal in time to get on their plane. Some of these travelers are willing to jog or even sprint through the terminal. This can make for a very dangerous situation for someone that may not be paying attention. If a young child is walking out into the middle of the terminal walkway and someone is sprinting by there is the possibility that the adult sprinting by could hit and injure the child. With this in mind, it is always important to be completely aware of your surroundings.

Even if you may think there is no one in your way you never know who could walk out from the middle of nowhere. There are many sharp corners at Los Angeles International Airport and you may turn the corner only to run into an older individual.

If there are slippery substances on the floor and there are no signs to mark that area as slippery when wet this is deemed as negligence. Remember that each case is different and it is best to contact the Law Offices of David Azizi if you have any questions as it relates to slip and fall or trip and fall accidents at the Los Angeles International Airport so David will be able to give you an honest opinion on the possibility of a  personal injury claim. There are many times in which a personal injury claim is not the best option.

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